• Bright Children Special School Madurai
  • Bright Children Special School Madurai
  • Bright Children Special School Madurai
  • Bright Children Special School Madurai

Who are Special Children

Bright children special school and multi therapy centre run by Vidyasaagaram Teja Trust registered 2013 located in Anna Nagar Madurai. Providing one to one teaching method.

The term Special children,though related to all expceptional Children, gifted as well as mentally physically challenged has of late, tended in common parlance, to be associated with the latter. So, in current context, special children are those with significant mental defects - defects manifesting themselves in unusually slow developemnt of physical,mental,intellectual and social facilities.
Bright Children Special School Madurai


Intellectual Disability can be caused by many varied, factors. some cause are pre-natal and few are Peri-natal and Post-natal.
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Bright Children Special School Madurai


Provide an Innovative, Courteous and effective administrative platform to take training with its global dimensions beyond tomorrow.

Our Features

  • A Specific and spearate Classes for each children Conditions
  • Individualized training (i.e) One Teacher for each Child
  • Caring and Pleasing enviornment.
  • Advises from Pediatrician and Neurologist.
  • Experienced Therapist,Special educatior, teacher,educational Professionals and Masters
  • The Treatment and Training Program based on Children needs and dysfunction
  • We also focused on day-to-day life activity (i.e) Brushing, dressing ad toileting
  • Full-fledged involvement and dedicated trainers, teachers and staff
  • Having enough of equipment and training aid on each class room
  • Providing argumentative communicate device like computer, Tablet Etc.
  • Trainer get training periodically from experienced therapist, special educators teacers and doctors
  • Assessing and evaluating the child's disability accordingly providing the treatment protocols


Bright Children Special School Madurai